Designer Shoe box Cake with Sugar High Heel

The perfect cake for the fashionista in your life! This classy and delicious cake is a Vanilla & Pink Champagne flavored cake with Vanilla Champagne buttercream frosting and sits on a wood-like floor made of fondant. make this cake your own with your choice of flavors and filling, your choice of edible accessories, like the pearl necklace and earrings, lipstick, polish you see here or add whatever the honoree would love. The real-like high heel is made from fondant and decorated with rhinestone like jewels and sits on a sturdy platter which makes it easy to save as a keepsake well after the celebration is over. It looks so real, your guests won’t know if they should wear it or eat it. The cake serves approximately 30 people.


Note: Champagne not included in price shown and is supplied by the customer. Cake can be made without shoe.



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