Ecto-1A Cake

I was recently on a last minute mad search for an incredible cake artist to take on a very specific project, an Ecto-1A replica with Slimer riding on top. I had a specific image in my head that I was striving for and couldn’t find any cake inspiration online that fully matched my vision.

Let’s just say I was a hot mess express on the fast track to failure because in the craziness of planning I had waited too long to put a cake order in or much less find a reputable baker I trusted. I thought for sure that my mission would be a flop until I came across Cake Jewel. I sent in an inquiry to see if she had availability, but my hopes weren’t set high because I was certain I had missed my window and she’d be booked up.

Y’all the cake fates were in my favor because she was able to take me on! Not only was she able, but she was just as excited as I was for the concept I wanted to go with. We only corresponded via email, which was my preference due to hearing impairment, but she was radiating with passion and eagerness to get started. That alone had me even more amped to work with her. Passion like that mixed with talent is a match made in heaven.

Let me just say Jewel’s customer service is 100% on point. The communication she kept open and flowing kept a scatter-brain like me at ease. She worked with me to make my vision a reality, going above and beyond to answer all my questions and work with me to create the best possible cake. She made sure to meet all my requests without risking the integrity of the cake and was honest with her recommendations. She has a mix of professionalism and genuine kindness that I appreciate immensely. I’d go as far as saying that people like Jewel are the reason I make a point to support small businesses. She’s just that great.

Now on to the cake! Oh. My. Goodness. I’m pretty mellow and not known for having big reactions to things, but when I saw the finished product I couldn’t stop smiling. Jewel NAILED it. I had a vision in my head and she totally surpassed any expectations I could have had. It was AMAZING. The cake, a vanilla cake with lime buttercream filling, tasted just as incredible as it looked. A completely edible work of art.

The cherry on top was finally getting to meet Jewel, who was just as radiant in person as she was via email. She delivered the cake within the time frame we had agreed upon and took the extra step to explain everything on the cake to me, even though she had sent a detailed invoice via email earlier. It’s little things like that, that take a business straight over the threshold into extraordinary. One thing is certain, Jewel has gained a loyal customer in me (and my boyfriend). We can’t wait to work with her again on our next cake adventure.

If you’re looking for excellent customer service from an incredibly passionate and talented baker Cake Jewel is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed.