Today is the first day of the beginning…

Well, today, I start my blog. I want to keep a written record of my journey through the world of cake design, baking, and entrepreneurship. For those that know me, they know I’ve tried it ALL – clothing designer, model, actress, jewelry design, crafter, ect, ect. But no one and I mean no one – saw baker / cake designer coming. I sure didn’t. It took having my 5th child at 40…(something, I forget my age a lot) and his 1st birthday to discover the “gift”. I call it a gift, because it was nothing I asked for but something I believe God specifically gave me. Months and months before that day…October 7, 2013. I had been distressed and confused about what I should be doing with my life, because I am one of those “creative” people that “can do everything”, I couldn’t decide on anything. In the months before the cakes took place, I was pursing motivational speaking, fashion design, a singing career, wall hanging crafts and resurrecting my modeling career. I was going crazy, so I began praying every single day, crying out to God – “pleeeeeze God, show me what I’m supposed to focus on!” ( that was my exact prayer)

Fast forward to baby Ben’s 1st birthday, being my last child in my older age, I of course wanted to go ALL out on his party – ( ok, truth, I go ALL out on each of my kid’s birthdays). But anyways, I wanted a huge birthday cake and I began calling around – I tell the story in my About Me section of the website so I won’t go into details – go check it out. Long story short…I’m writing a blog about where this journey of cake designer will take me. My vision is to become a very successful Cake Designer who travels the country baking and designing cakes. My cake shop will be called Cake Jewel Custom Cakes. I know it’s only been a few months since I’ve been doing this, but hey! why dream if you’re not going to dream BIG? That’s just who I am.

So, day 1 done. Website done. (sorta) Business cards ordered? done. Blog entry? done.

See you soon! Ps: Thank you to my sweet husband for all his love and support and my children for walking this journey with me! LOVE YOU GUYS.

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