Buttercream Bible and Baby Cub Cakes

This week I’ll be working on what I’m calling “The Bible Cake” and “The Cub Cake”. I have an order due on Saturday, march 28th that is a half sheet buttercream only Black and White themed cake for a 70th birthday celebration. The recipient is well known as a spiritual mentor and speaker so I thought that I’d make a life like bible and place it on the cake and also make some beautiful calla lilies to go on there too, THEN I started thinking, ooooh, I should make a cross to go in the middle of the flowers, that would be nice. I think she’ll like it. It’s an all buttercream cake which is definitely not my strong point, but I’m gonna give it my best shot. also, it will be the first time trying a design made from stencil on the side. I’ve been practicing and the sample came out good, so I think it should work ok. I do have to make some royal icing though, which again, my first time. I love that I’m getting to try new techniques, each cake just adds to my skill level so I feel fortunate.

The next cake due on that same day is a cub cake. It’s also an all buttercream cake. I was going to try out my new airbrush machine on this one but since I haven’t had time to practice, I think I’m just gonna try it by hand. Again, I’ve been practicing this week so I can get the colors just right. I’ll be using my edible image printer and maybe cutting fondant for each piece of the cub. I really hope it turns out nice. I’ll be sure to share photos when I’m done.

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