Royal blue LV theme cake and hand-painted sugar high heel

Louis Vuitton Cake Designer Sugar Shoe

And finally the finished cake and shoe! I absolutely loved making this cake, I felt I really captured the client’s personality and style. I added a few details like a pair of blue stud earrings, a necklace with the client’s initial, and a “Blessed” placard. I even add a shoe upc label with the client’s […]

Louis Vuitton Sugar Shoe Tutorial – Day 4

Today is the day I make all the finishing touches to the sho. I handpainted a darker blue to parts of the reptile imprint and used a mixture of corn syrup and alcohol to brush on the shoe, this created a shiny blend on the shoe which looked great. Keep in mind, if you didn’t […]

Louis Vuitton Shoe cake and Sugar shoe – Day 3

Day 3 is all the decorating, my favorite part. The pastiallage is rock hard, I love this stuff, this is the first time I’ve worked with it so at first I was a bit, you have to work fast because it dries fast. I’ll be using this instead of fondant for now on just because […]

Royal blue LV theme cake and hand-painted sugar high heel

Louis Vuitton inspired cake and sugar shoe- day 1 & 2

I am so in my element when doing these types of cakes. I love it when my customer says,”I trust your gift, surprise me”. So, I take what they tell me about what they want and their personality and I let my creative muse take control. This is actually day two, I baked the cake […]

White chocolate ganache recipe

White Chocolate Ganache Recipe Ingredients: 24 oz White chocolate chips (use any kind that you like) 2 cups Heavy whipping cream Instructions: 1. Mix together chocolate and cream in a microwave safe bowl 2. Microwave 2 minutes. Gently stir. Then 2 more minutes or until chocolate is almost all melted 3. Take out and stir […]