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A few helpful guidelines before placing your request:

I specialize in designing unique, great-tasting sculpted, tiered and 3D cakes

I’m a creative individual who strives on the creative process and the fun, little details and skillful techniques that turn a regular cake into a wonderful work of visual & edible ART!

For that reason, you’ll be much more pleased with the final outcome of your cake when you allow me full creative freedom with the least amount of restrictions (and trust) to do what I do best after we decide on your vision.

Please do not send photos of other designer’s cakes, I do not / will not create an exact replica of another designer’s cake, I don’t offer photos before delivery. I will, however, accept your inspirational photos, ideas, sketches, invitations, graphics, ect.

Tastings are available for a fee of $30

I hope that was helpful. I’m looking forward to designing your best cake EVER!

Cake Jewel is booked for orders until November 2017
You may estimate this number. See Pricing Page for Cake sizes and servings.
You may upload up to 2 photos as an example of what you want. Or we can design the perfect cake together. If you're ordering cupcakes only, see below. Keep in mind I am a cake artist and love to come up with original and personalized ideas.
Enter the number you need (minimum 12) and provide any details and decorations.
If you'd like delivery, please include your cross streets or the name and city of the location. Delivery is $25 for the 1st 10 miles and $1.50 for each mile thereafter