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My Buttercream Nightmare! Bible/Cub cake pt2

I’ll try to make this short and sweet. OMG!!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO DO ALL BUTTERCREAM CAKES AGAIN EVER!!! EVER!!!, I’M DONE, FONDANT ONLY – ALL THE WAY!.  ok, now that I got that off my chest. This is basically what I said the whole time I was decorating the cakes I made last weekend ( March 28th). Simply put, frosting a perfectly perfect smooth all buttercream cake IS NOT my skill set yet and truthfully, I just wanted to cry, several times around 2, 3 and 4am, I literally just wanted to cry, but I held it together, sucked it up and kept smoothing. To all you all buttercream cake designing masters, I applaud you, it’s REALLY hard. If you’re reading this and that’s something you’re good at – teach me please.

I started on the Cub Cake as soon as I got home from work that Friday afternoon about 3:30pm – I had a few more little fondant details to make for the butterfly on that cake and I needed to mix colors to get just the right color for the cake I was going for, that wasn’t so bad, I wanted to have the cake ready for the client to pick up around 8ish. No problem I thought, how hard would it be to frost this sheet cake, put the rice paper print on it, make some trees, ect, oh and I had to make the cake board which I didn’t get to the night before, so that took sometime too, I did a combination of brown fondant with crumbled graham crackers and brown sugar to look like dirt. It was cute.

I worked until about 6:45pm, then stopped to take Benjamin to his grandma’s house across town, she agreed to watch him so I could get work down without being interrupted. Well, long story short ( yeah right). on the way there, he got sick, so I had to give him a bath when we got to the house, I didn’t get back home until after 8:00pm or so. I actually didn’t get done with the cub cake until about 10:30pm, getting the buttercream smooth was a bit of a challenge, but I finished without too much stress. I started the bible cake at about 10:45pm – I DID NOT FINISH THAT CAKE UNTIL 6:00am THE NEXT MORNING – I could not get the buttercream smooth and perfect for nothing and even though I started out with 11 cups of icing, I ran out several times and had to make more throughout the night. THEN, I tried doing a black royal icing stencil on the sides of the cake, well, the icing must not have been set ( chilled) enough because when I lifted the stencil off – OMG!!! it was a mucky disaster!

Now I had to scrape all the black royal icing off the white buttercream on the side of the cake and start the icing process all over. BIG Sigh..just writing about it, makes me cringe. I was exhausted. I finally finished, boxed up the cake and began cleaning up, I sat down for a moment, the first client stopped by around 8:30am to pick up the cub cake…..She loved it! I had to then drop my son off at basketball camp at 9:50am, then delivered the bible cake to the event….They loved it! I was so relieved. It had a few dings from being transported and (not perfectly iced) but…they loved it! I left their event, and waited at the arena for my son to be done at about 2:00pm ( mind you, it’s Saturday, I’ve had no sleep yet, since I woke at 4:30am Friday morning) I was falling asleep on the drive home and fell into bed at about 2:30pm and slept until 6:00pm. All because of trying to do buttercream only cakes..which I won’t be doing for a looooongtime. LOL!

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