Louis Vuitton Shoe cake and Sugar shoe – Day 3

The making of the pastiallage high heel shoe

The making of the pastiallage high heel shoe


Day 3 is all the decorating, my favorite part. The pastiallage is rock hard, I love this stuff, this is the first time I’ve worked with it so at first I was a bit, you have to work fast because it dries fast. I’ll be using this instead of fondant for now on just because it dries so much harder in a faster time and provides a more stable foundation for the entire shoe.
I’ll add a tutorial on how I make the pastiallage soon.

So today, I airbrush the shoe with a mix of pearl and blue, I’ll be a bit sporadic with the color because I want that multi-colored look, and I’ll be hand painting it.
See you on Day 4

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